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“Peasant girls. [Russian Empire] – Library of Congress,” accessed January 30, 2020, https://www.wdl.org/en/item/5624/#q=Prokudin+gorskii+woman&qla=en.

As we look at the gallery of pictures taken by Prokudin-Gorskii’s, you can see that many of his pictures were taken outdoors. As I analyzed this picture I can see that these three young peasant girls are wearing thick long dresses, shoulders covered, with head coverings, and on holding berries on a plate. This made me believe that they were religious or conservative especially since this picture was taken in 1909. It was interesting the facts I learned because after some research, Russia had the highest amount of women with higher education requirement jobs than any other country in Europe, many women were teachers, lawyers, doctors and many other professions (Wolanski). This was because Russia really wanted to improve their countries economic status. It was also mentioned that in 1918 the Russian Government created legislation that wanted to weaken the family and marriage, this was put in place so that people would focus on the country (Wolanski). When looking at this picture you would not think that that about any country let alone Russia. You can even see the crooked wood house in the background which shows where these girls lived. Peasants were the majority in the early 1900 and agriculture was their main source of their food and income (Simkin, 2020). Berries were very popular and grown in the rural areas, they symbolize the gifts of the forest and dacha which is very important in Russian culture (Every Culture). During the 1900s religion was a very big part of the Russian Empire and many belonged to the Russian Orthodox Church (Simkin, 2020). When I think of peasant, I picture people a low income person with clothes that look more worn out and look very old. The girls in this picture are wearing dresses that look like they are made from nice clothing. This picture is very interesting on the social and economic transformation. 

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